Creating Tables

How to make a Table in Smidyo, change Table contents and add new rows & columns, different Data Types and where they can be used.

Creating a Table

To make a new Table, click on Tables and +New, which then creates you a new empty table.

It will now ask you what you want to name your table, give it a descriptive name, as you will be using this table for various things. Also give it a unique identifier, easiest is to just name it same as your table.

In this example table, I want to list different foods.

Inserting data into your Table

To insert data into a Table, you need rows and columns. Column names work as identifiers for the rows' data. Usually, put column names that are describing what the column will contain. In our example Table, we want to list different foods on the first column, and the price in the second column.

Inserting columns

To insert a column, click on + COLUMN which can be found in the upper-right corner of the page.

It will ask what you want to name the column, as well as the Data Type you want to have.

In this example Table, we want food names listed on first column, so let's name it "food-names", also changing the datatype from "number" to "text". 

It could look like following once done with the columns:

How to insert rows

To insert rows, click on + EMPTY ROW in the bottom left corner.

A row will now pop up in your newly created table. 

Inserting data into the Table

You can now insert data into your Table. You do it by clicking on the data, in this example, click on "My text" to enter the name of the food, and "0" to enter the price of the food.

Add more rows if necessary, and insert data into the rows in the same way. 

It could look like this once done:

Different Data Types

Smidyo Quoting Portal has different Data Types to choose from whenever you make a new column.

The most commonly used Data Types are "number", "text", "boolean" and "file-image”. 

Inserting an image into a Table

In our example Table, we want to add pictures of our dishes, to do so we then add a column, name it "food-images” and change the Data Type to "file-image”, like following:

A new column is now shown on the right side, and we can insert images for the different dishes by clicking on the respective Table cell.

It will look like following by default after clicking on Data:

You remove the default image by clicking on the trash bin, after which you can choose a file from your computer. Once done, click on ✓ OK and move on to the next row.

How to use the "boolean" Data Type in a Table

You can use boolean if you want to show certain info to your customers depending on what they choose. For example, if they choose Pizza or Pasta, it would show an additional box asking if they want it gluten free, or else, the box won't be shown. Let's add that to our table.

You change the boolean Data Type by clicking on the cell, and mark the checkbox  which is shown, making it true.

Remember to save!

Remember to save the table once you are done with inserting or changing the contents.