Enabling payment by credit card

Enable credit card payments in your Quoting Portal to get paid upfront.

As standard, your Quoting Portal supports payment through invoice.

However, you can also enable payment through credit card, which gives your customers a web-shop like process and gets you paid upfront.


Enable Checkout and connect Stripe

You can enable the Checkout by going to Settings > Checkout.


We use Stripe to process credit card payments - so Smidyo's checkout feature relies on a Stripe account being connected. When you click on Connect to Stripe, you will first be asked to confirm to add the Checkout feature to your sales domain. After this, you will be redirected to Stripe.


You can either connect an existing account if you have one, or create a new one. It's a quick process that takes around 5 minutes. Once you are done you will be redirected back to Smidyo to see that the connection has been made.


You can now see the ID of the account that was connected.

Make sure your accounts are allowed to use Checkout

By standard, accounts created through public sign-ups (if you have that enabled) are allowed to use Checkout. You can always enable/disable the functionality on an individual account by going into your Accounts.