Displaying information in the customer's quote

How to display relevant row information in the customer's Quote

What is Quote info?

When your customer adds a row of your Offering to their Quote, they will likely want to see what they have specified, and that everything is correct. By using Quote Info, they can view information in the right-hand sidebar of the Quoting Portal.

Quote Info is essentially just a Form Pipeline, meaning it supports all of the available Element Blocks. In other words, it can display text, image and numbers and more.

Adding Quote Info to an Offering

First off, we need to create a Form Pipeline, by going Form Pipelines > + New in your dashboard. Give it a name such as "Bathroom Renovation Quote Info".

Form Pipeline inputs

Now that we have created the Form Pipeline, we need to create the inputs that take the data to show. This should match the Quote Outputs or Order Outputs from a Yield Pipeline, by Data Shape and optionally also by name.

Displaying the info in the Form Pipeline

Now, to be able to display data in we need to use Element Blocks in the Form Pipeline. The following are commonly used Element Blocks for Quote Info:

  • Number Output
  • Text Output
  • Rich Text Output
  • Image Output
  • Image List Output

It is possible to add Source Blocks and Process Pipelines to the Quote Info Form Pipeline. However, in some cases may cause unexpected problems - and we recommend only using Element Blocks for Quote Info.

Connecting the inputs to the Blocks

As usual, when creating Pipelines, you connect different things by drag and drop. So, let's connect our inputs to a few Element Blocks. It could look like following once done:

On the Text Output block you can keep the Format box empty unless you to format the text. If there's a word you want to have in a sentence, use "%S" in the Formatting box and whatever you drag into "TEXT" will get swapped with the "%S". For example: "%S fabric".


Let's make sure to add labels to our Element Blocks so the customer knows what they represent.

Connecting Yield Pipeline outputs to Form Pipeline inputs

Under the "Quote Info" section, change Form pipeline from "No form pipeline" to the one you just created. Now, we can connect the Yield Pipeline outputs to the Form Pipeline inputs we just created.

Once done connecting the Yield Pipeline outputs with the Quote Info Form Pipeline inputs, we can save the Offering.


Let's now go back to the Quoting Portal and add an Offering to a Quote. We can now see that all of the info is visible on the Quote itself.