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Different kinds of Data Types

Explanations on the all the different Data Types available and how they can be used

What is a Data Type?

Data Type is a specific type of data used in the Quoting Portal. It can be number, image, text and more.

The different Data Types

There's some datatypes that get used a lot, and others that rarely get used. Here are explanations of all Data Types the Quoting Portal currently supports.

  • number
    • Number is by far the most frequently used datatype. 
    • Output from a "Number Input" Element Block in a Form Pipeline. It's also frequently used in Tables and Constants.
    • Width, length, prices, etc. are always stored as number
    • In an Offering, a Sub-row's Dynamic Value accepts only number
  • text
    • The second most used datatype after number
    • The "Text Input" Element Block can be used to get a text.
    • Text is also used to define the ID of a row in a Table, known as the "row-name".
    • In an Offering, a Sub-row's Dynamic Title accepts only text
      • rich-text
        • Rich Text can be used to display informative texts, with formatting such as bold text, headlines and more.
        • These can be displayed using "Rich Text Output" Element Block in a Form Pipeline.
      • boolean
        • Stores a value as True or False. 
        • Can be used for conditional logic
          • In Form Pipelines, steps can be set to only show if a boolean value is true
          • In other pipelines, a boolean can be used to determine whether to skip a calculation step
          • In an Offering's Sub-rows, a boolean can be used to conditionally hide a step.
      • file-any
        • Stores a file of any time
        • Often used for extra documents, such as purchase orders, drawings, Excel files, etc.
      • file-svg
        • Stores only an SVG file
        • Often used for 2D CNC operations, to estimate times 
      • file-image
        • Stores images
        • Can be used in "Select With Image" to show a selection of different options along with pictures
        • Can be uploaded from a customer using the "File Image Output" Element Block

      Future Data Types

      • duration
      • date-time