Changing the look and feel of the Quoting Portal

There are many options for you to customize both the look and feel of your business’s Quoting Portal. This will allow you to incorporate such things as your company logo or a unique backdrop.

You can begin these changes by first going to Settings > Customization


Under the Branding section click on Edit and you will see options to change the colors, logo, and backdrop of the sales domain.

Smidyo also provides the option of altering the home page text that customers will see to your company’s choosing by the use of Markdown. This is a lightweight markup language with a plain-text-formattings syntax. To edit this, simply select the pen icon to the right of the Home Page Text box and fill in your desired text.


After you have filled in your desired customizations, your sales domain should look like the image above. Notice the company logo in the top left of the page and the changed color scheme along the top.