Change any text in your Quoting Portal and Emails

Smidyo allows for overriding all texts that appear in your Sales Domain and all customer facing emails.

Let's change the texts in the quote view!

Standard texts when viewing a quote

Go to your Dashboard. Then go into Settings > Language > Translation Overrides > Edit.

Click on the circled icon, then Append in order to add rows for each of your texts to be replaced.

In the field "field" write exactly how text that appears in the Sales Domain, and in the field "value" what you wish to replace it with.

Buttons: If a text appears on a button (ALL CAPS), write the text in "field" like this: Capitalized For Each Word. For example: "Add To Quote".

Emails: Do not translate the whole email text. Instead, only copy one paragraph at a time.

After adding texts.

Once you are done, click OK. Et voilá - you can now find the new texts in your Sales Domain!