We can now finally create the actual offering! Go Offerings > New...

You can give it any slug you want, since we won't be referencing it anymore in this tutorial.

Pick the yield pipeline we just created, and click Create.

Pairing the form- to the yield pipeline

An offering is made up from either just a yield pipeline, or a form pipeline + a yield pipeline.

In this case, since we want the offering to be purchasable by a human, we want to pair a form pipeline. Do this by selecting the form pipeline we created in the dropdown menu to the left.

As you can see, we now have the form pipeline's outputs listed below.

Connect the form pipeline's outputs to the corresponding input of the yield pipeline.

Now all we have to do is click Save. And we're done!

You can now go to the sales domain, and your new offering will be listed in the menu! Try it out!

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