Let’s create a quotation pipeline for a company selling sheet material. This is the sample pipeline that is automatically set up when you sign up on Smidyo, but let’s create it from scratch.

While we are still working on the visual editor for Smidyo, we make pipelines using code. To keep things simple, we just use JSON — the industry standard for data on the web!

First we need to have some data to work with. 

Create a constant

Let's create a constant for the cost of actually cutting the material, in order to for us to easily be able to change it later. Set it to whatever you wish, perhaps 2? Let's give it the slug material-cutting-cost .

The data shape should be number , non-nullable, singular (number ! 1). You can change it by clicking on the three sections next to data shape.

Create tables

Let's also set up some tables for our tabular data. Go Tables > New...

Materials table

Let's make a table with the sub-slug materials . You can download this TSV file (download by alt/option-clicking "raw") to use ready-made data. Upload it to your table by clicking Upload TSV.

As you can see, this table is made out of two columns. One with a descriptive name of the material (text , non-nullable, singular), and another for the square meter price (number, non-nullable, singular).

Quantity discount break table

Also create another table with the sub-slug quantity-discount-breaks. Same deal as last time, here is the TSV file for this. This table defines the minimum quantity required for a specific discount percentage.

Now that we have all the data in place - we can start making pipelines!

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