This is assuming you have run the laser wizard and not using your own custom built pipelines.

Is Smidyo not calculating accurate times for engraving?

By going into the Constants in your dashboard, you can adjust these parameters to fine tune the calculation of the time it takes to engrave.

Constant: Laser engraving acceleration 

This is the acceleration of the laser head when engraving. It's specified in the unit mm/s2. The calculation also uses the same acceleration, but in inverse to calculate the deceleration when the head reaches the other side of the table. 

The standard value of 25000 mm/s2 is for a Trotec Speedy 400. 

Constant: Laser engraving acceleration 

The amount of time in seconds your machine dwells in each corner of the engraving area. This is usually almost 0 for most machines, which is why that's the standard. But it can be set to a small values such as 0.1, or 0.2 for some machines.

Constant: Laser engraving overshoot 

Most laser engravers move a certain distance past the actual engraving area, to allow the machine to accelerate and decelerate. This constant sets that value, in mm.

How do I decide these?

At this point, we recommend testing out different values, and seeing what gives the best results for your machine. In the future we plan to offer a lookup-table of these constants for different machines.

If you need help deciding these values, we'll be happy to help out. We're always available in the chat-box.

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