This is assuming you have run the laser wizard and not using your own custom built pipelines.

Is Smidyo not calculating accurate times for cutting and/ or scoring?

By going into the Constants in your dashboard, you can adjust these parameters to fine tune the calculation of the time it takes to cut and score.

Constant: Laser cutting / scoring jerk factor

This funny sounding constant refers to the physics term jerk. It defines the rate of change of acceleration over time. In this case, we use an arbitrary unit.

Right now, this is a factor you will need to experiment with to make it accurate to your machine, the standard value of 130 is for a Trotec Speedy 400. We are planning on providing a look-up table for this in the future for different machines. If you need help finding the jerk factor for your machine, let us know by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right.

Constant: Laser cutting / scoring rapid movement timeĀ 

This constant is quite straight-forward. It's the approximate average time in seconds for the laser to make a rapid movement from one vector to another. Since we cannot predict how your machine will make the trips, we add this flat value every time we see a rapid movement in the vector.

Material speeds

You can read more about the material speeds in the materials table in this article.

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