Because the speed percentages are not an absolute unit of speed, we have decided to make the machine-xy-movement-time and machine-raster-time operation blocks work with mm/s instead.

Don't worry though - converting your machine's percentage speed into mm/s is easy. All you need to do is look up your machine's top speed and apply the percentage of that.


The top speed of the Trotec Speedy 400 is 3550mm/s. So, therefore:

Speedy 400 1% speed = 0.01 * 3550 = 35.5mm/s
Speedy 400 10% speed = 0.1 * 3550 = 355mm/s.

Some Epilog machines have a top speed around 75 inch/s. We can convert inch/s to mm/s by multiplying by 25.4. So, therefore:

Epilog 1% speed = 0.01 * 75 * 25.4 = 19.05mm/s
Epilog 10& speed = 0.01 * 75 * 25.4 = 190.5mm/s

Most Chinese-built cutters specify the speed in mm/s directly, so no conversion required!

Trouble finding out your machine's top speed?

Get in touch by clicking the message icon in the bottom-right corner, and we'll help you figure out your speeds in mm/s.

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